18 Nov 2015
November 18, 2015

Home Staging: Occupied Spaces

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A lot of people just assume when they hear the word ‘staging’, that it’s only for empty or vacant spaces. Not true! Your home can be transformed into a more marketable, competitive listing, using your own furnishings…and, if necessary, rental accessories and art can be added to further compliment the look.

When it comes time to sell your property, a ‘home makeover’ can be all the difference between getting top dollar for your listing or ‘leaving money on the table.’

BEFORE staging, this living room had super-sized furniture that actually made the space appear smaller. The colour scheme was also pretty ‘bland’ and didn’t tie in the homeowner’s gorgeous turquoise abstract art on the opposite wall. So, to lighten up the space and make the room appear larger, the solid brown ottoman was swapped out for a round glass coffee table. This small change made a huge difference in the overall perception of more square footage. To tie in the homeowner’s art, decorative accent cushions and accessories were added in the same shade of turquoise found in the painting.

BEFORE                                                                   AFTER

Living Room - Before       Oak Street - AFTER

Conch Shell - turquoise This Master Bedroom in a grand Westside Vancouver home lacked the luxury look of a high caliber Master Bedroom. The tired bedding and teenager’s overstuffed chair & stool did not reflect the look potential buyers would expect to see. So, a headboard was added, with matching nightstands and lamps. A more formal decorative bedding set was placed over top of the homeowners existing bedding that could easily be turned down between showings. The client’s art was perfect for the space and was left in place.

BEFORE                   AFTER

W. 39 - Master - BEFORE       W. 39 - Master - AFTER - Copy

This homeowner’s dining room had been doubling as extra storage with the addition of three large bookcases. While perfectly suited for the needs of the homeowner, when it came time to sell the shelving needed to go. The addition of a reflective mirror and more contemporary art with some greenery made a dramatic difference between an over-stuffed room to showing off the gorgeous original hardwood flooring and opening up the space.

BEFORE                                                                          AFTER

Dining Room - BEFORE       Dining Room AFTER.jpg

To get the process started, we first recommend a verbal ‘Home Prep’ Consultation Service. A professional stager will offer helpful suggestions and recommendations on how to ‘pre-prep’ your home for sale. In addition to basic de-cluttering, this might entail editing your furniture – storing excess pieces away – to make rooms appear larger. As well, a professional stager can recommend the best furniture position to maximize traffic flow and how to best highlight focal points etc.

Once these basic changes have been implemented, (we jokingly refer to the tasks as ‘HOMEwork’) then a customized quote for staging your home can be provided…and you’re on your way to a more competitive listing!

Photos: Video Open House, SeeVirtual Marketing & Photography