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We’d love to share some of our recent staging projects…condos in Metro Vancouver. We have seen some really sophisticated new builds and some quirky unique spaces over the years.titleThis recent Yaletown loft conversion was especially unique – the suspended bed is what sets it apart! The Gray Brothers Block housed a cloak/suiting company as well as an office specialty manufacturing company…among others. In 1997 ithe upper levels were converted into condos using the original fir flooring, solid wood posts and brickwork.We see small studio condos all the time…using a murphy bed as a sleeping solution…however, this particular project was a first for us. The suspended bed works on cantilever pulleys, which when released, lower the bed onto the middle of the living space.

The challenge was to create a living area that could be easily and quickly be converted to fit the bed. In order to meet  this challenge we brought in lightweight and easily portable twin glass tables and pouffs/ottomans. Individually, they were much lighter and easy to move than say one large coffee table. The realtor, Molly Lowe, also wanted the space to appeal to both sexes…and in the current state, the condo was quite masculine with rustic wood floors, cement elements and brick. We brought in some more ‘feminine’ elements in the art, textures on cushions -soft goods and mirrors.

Yaletown - Molly Lowe - Bed UP  Yaletown - Molly Lowe - Bed dOWN

After staging, the condo showcased the versatility of the small space and appealed to the demographic. This unit sold in 5 days to a very happy buyer!


Photos: Stacy, Video Open House